Monday, February 26, 2007

To my love

Every morning, my first thought is about you. I miss you and I really would like to say good morning with a gorgeous smile on my face. I take my breakfast and I dress myself to go to work. Sometimes I ear you saying have a nice day, and I murmur thanks, do not forget that I love you.

At work, sometimes I’m too much focused and I don’t remember anything unless to work more and more. But there are some days, which I’m concerned about you. You don’t give news, you simple don’t appear in front of me saying I’m here baby, let’s go home early.

Day by day, month by month, year by year I’m waiting to know where you are. Every night I feel that you call me. Sometimes you make me cry, it’s so painful to ear you to call my name and I can’t even answer you. Well, I answer you with my thought, but I think they are not so powerful as yours, otherwise you already known the love that I feel for you.

Sometimes you think about me a couple of hours, other times you think, you call, you scream all night and I can not reach you. Many nights are passed awake, just because you don’t stop to call me. Yes… that’s true… I already have been rude with you saying Enough… I’m getting crazy.

I’m not God, I don’t know where you are, so I can travel from place to place around the world until the end of my days, that I will never find you. Yes, I already have tried do find you. Unfortunately, the attempts were worthless. As many efforts I do to find you as less I feel your presence.

Today, you are with me, I can feel it.

When I’ll cross by you, perhaps I will not recognize you. I do hope you have the inner strength to hold me with your arms in the middle of the street and say I’m back for good, my love. That day will be the first day of our happiness.

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Anonymous said...

Single mind...hmm hmmm hmmm
you don't seem as shy as you supposedly said in your introduction. Anyway, who is that love of yours?? You must be darn lucky to have someone who dream about him all the time. Must have invested some energy in that...
Keep your head up high...
Nice blog by the way