Thursday, March 15, 2007

National Geographic - part 2

Welcome back and thank you to stay in touch. We will continue to describe the life style of the bipedal primates.

By the forty ages there are two types of female: the free female and the busy ones. The busy females have a male or children to take care, the free females look for a male to have children since the biologic clock is ringing. At this age, the male does not care about anything.

By the fifty ages the female is bored with her life of housewife and decides to get away from the male. The male tries to find another female of the same age but he is not successful.

By the sixty ages the female sits on a chair and enjoys the pleasure of being alone, without crying children, without boring males. The male tries to find another female much younger than him, but of course, he is not successful.

By the seventy ages the male realizes that it is time to settle down. He sits on a chair next to a female of his age, gives her his hand, and both tells stories of their lives to each other, wishing both to have twenty years old.

And that’s the cycle of live. Nobody is happy with its life, but at the end everybody realizes that they have lost greats opportunities to be happy. In fact, both (male and female) have guilty. They can not stay toned for a little while; they just want to live their lives as they want. Usually male and female do not make any plans life. If they want to be together so let’s be it, if don’t that’s ok too.

Passion in different from love; to feel good is different to feel love; to have sex is different to make love. We can say that the most part of the human being usually wants to feel good with someone else, to have a great passion and have sex as more as they can. At the end, male and female will be apart. Some few couples just love each other and here it is the magic. Along their lives, of course there are some problems and discussions, but everything is surpassed in name of their love. And they remain together until the end of their days.


Anonymous said...

Well, it seems to me that you don't know the right people.
You know, I resent that affirmation and deffinition of "busy and free women". It really doesn't fit the inteligence of a 136 IQ person.
My guess: you are a very bitter midle age, single woman. And I could add more details to this deffinition of YOU.

Single Mind said...

Which part of the 'humour' tag you do not have understood?!
It seems that you do not pay attention on all the details. :)