Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Peculiar Mind

Several rearrangements are in progress on the room were the raw material is kept. It is programmed for today the modifications of the materials belonging to the extrusion division. It was requested my help by e-mail at 9 a.m., since some raw material stored is mine.

I went there, with my hands in the pockets. A confusing crowd was there... perhaps the right words are chaotic crowd... and I have asked:

- What's up, guys?! - And someone has replied:
- Do not be lazy. Today you need to work hard.
- Don't mess with her, she have already moved her material
- said the technician.
- Yes. In fact it was 7.30 a.m. when I have moved 350Kg. Good luck guys. - And I went back to the office with a big smile into my face.

I was alone, so it was hard.
I was alone, but not in the mess.
I was alone and I spent less time doing the work.
I have waked up earlier to manage my time.
Sometimes I just love to be part of 0.01% of people different from the rest of the world.


Lasy One said...

U're like a Super-Hero! 350kg, all by yourself...? That’s amazing!

Single Mind said...

Yes, all by myself.
And if you know a little about the polymer world, you would know that raw material comes into bags of 25Kg each: 350/25 = 14 bags.

freak geek said...

it's funny...because i know the polymer world and i know where is your polymer world.
i don't recall seeing no 14 bags with your name in there, but there are some with mine ;)

Lasy One said...

U handled 25kg bags with your own hands? Your are very strong indeed!

And you know math's too...

U’re more like a Super-Girl!

Single Mind said...

Answering to freak geek: That's funny, because everybody saw me in the extruder machine doing my experiments. And I already have talked with many people, perhaps with you too, that I have hundred of polypropylene to give, because I have finished with my experiments.
So I can deduce that you are bluffing. You are not anyone from my polymer world, you are just a freaking girl messing with me and I have 99,9% sure who you are.

And answering to the lasy one or to the freak geek is the same shit (or to the iqpower). All nicknames represents the same personna, the same girl, the same geeky math cool girl. Right?!
Stop messing with me with your stupid observations.
Come on girl, wake up.

From now on I do not accept your comments.