Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Story With About 12 Years Old

A good thing is to remember some situation on the past and laugh of it. One of these days I was talking with a friend when suddenly she said:

- Do you remember that time you were cooking pizza?! And your guy was saying “put some more corn, more corn…”. I never ate pizza with corn until that day.

- Yes, all the guys liked corn, so I’ve exaggerated on such ingredient.

- And do you remember after the dinner… we saw a movie where the girl used honey to cover the body guy. I do not remember the name of the movie.

- The title was “4 days and 5 nights”. The guy had decided to have an affair one week before the wedding.

- I don’t know.

- Ooh, but I know!

I went to the movie store with two of the guys. They would like to watch a movie with some “hard core” scenes. I’ve just remembered them the last time I tried to see such movie, I’ve blow up all the dinner. They gave me free pass to choose the movie. So I choose an erotic movie. Instead to watch hard core scenes we saw some sensual scenes. One of the guys said:

- With such movie, it is not fair to have only one woman with us.

- Oh, don’t worry, I’ll call to a friend of mine – said the other one.

At night when she has arrived, I was cooking pizza. I really don’t know how many pizzas I’ve cooked, perhaps 4 or 5… but each one were extra big size. One thing that I never liked is someone messing me while I’m cooking: “do this”, “put that”, “watch out”, etc. Come on… If I’d willing myself to cook, it’s because I know how to cook. Anyway… we had dinner and after we went to our bedroom to watch the movie. I never had so many people on the bed. We were 4 guys and 2 girls. Of course, two of the guys remained sited on a chair, because there was no space for everybody.

Something that I’ve appreciate was seeing the face of the guys on some erotic scenes. I wonder why I always loved to cause some dry swallowing to the guys. Unfortunately we could not saw some hot scenes. The video tape was to damage on that specific location. The guys have decided to replay these scenes on the relent mode. On one of the scenes, the woman covered the body of the men with honey. The man was attached to a post and could not move. He was to the mercy of that woman. She has massaged his body with honey and licked some honey for all over his body (or should I say “licked his body with honey”?). Suddenly the video tape was acceptable and… the maid arrived at home. It was morning. The maid saw her boss attached to a post, completely naked and dirty with honey and other sweet creamy food. Her boss…!!

That was what my friend remembers. I really don’t know why she remembers that night… perhaps because she was flirting one of the cute guys?! Anyway, I will never forget that night but for another reason. In the next day, I’ve ate honey for the last time on my life.

The idea was funny but in reality it was quite sticky. Try to imagine two people on the bathroom washing and itching themselves, after to have eaten an half of honey bottle of 500ml. When I remember this I usually say that I could not have a better nutritional breakfast as that one.

For those who planes to do such thing, try to use some body oil with a sweet fragrance instead to use some food. You really don’t want to scratch yourself during hours. That’s an advice.

All the video tapes have a few seconds showing a message “do not copy this video”. In my opinion, some video tapes should also present the message DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

After this message, I'm sure she will tell me again thousand times that I'm crazy. Ok, let's turn off the MSN. :-)

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