Monday, September 3, 2007


In these days everybody is ruled by a schedule. If someone does not have one, we figure out that it has a chaotic life. Each day we need a timetable with almost everything we need to do since the earlier morning until the evening. Each activity must be planed otherwise it will never be accomplished.

I can not say that I follow a rigorous schedule, I’m not so meticulous, but… I like to know what I can expect in a close or far future. I’m really mad when someone enters in the office and says “I need your help and it must be now” or when mom phones 5 minutes before lunch and says “Hi darling, come to my house and have lunch with me”. Wrong, wrong, wrong… My mother already knows that she must alert me in advance about 24h. But other people just do not learn to be… to be what?! Polite?!!

It is like if everybody is expecting that I should be available for everything at the sound of a finger pop. Most of the people never advise what they want, what they are thinking or what they want from me. Most of the times I need to guess… well if I was so good guesser perhaps I’d already win the lottery.

In these days, people have so much technology and they do not know how to use it. There are phones, faxes, internet, etc to communicate, they use them but improperly. Some decades before, there were no phones, neither faxes nor internet and everybody was happy with an organized life. Today… it’s a mess.

When people want something it must be in the exact moment, but if people need to have a serious conversation, then they will write an e-mail. And this happens everywhere almost everyday with almost everybody.

The curious part is if you reply to someone pointing your disapproval on this issue, you will be called of ridiculous, intolerant and fool. So I can say that we live in a world where our lives are driven by the wishes of people that surround us. Our needs are completely meaningless.

In my honest opinion, people are not prepared to use so much advanced technology.

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