Monday, October 1, 2007

Grape Harvest

This last weekend I’ve made a visit to my mother. We were having lunch when I’ve asked her:

me: Next weekend to you need extra-help for the grape harvest?

mom: Are you thinking on what I am thinking?!

me: Yes, why not?! You both already know each other…

mom: But… he doesn’t mind coming from F., do he?!

me: I didn’t say that was the guy from F.

mom: NO!!

me: Yes.

mom: NO, I can not believe on it.

me: Well, it’s true, you can believe it.

mom: I told you that someday you will join together again.

me: Ok, don’t tell me anything more. I already know your opinion.

mom: And what’s happened to the other guy?!

me: Mom, in my life the buses were always late, and I’ve always waited for them. This time I’ve decided to take another bus from a different line. I hate to be late.

Well, that’s true. Again 2 Aries have joined together for the third time. Yes… third time, unbelievable, hein?! So here are the dates which I remember quite well:

May 15th, 1997

January 19th, 2002

September 4th, 2007

Each 5 years we join together, so I’m already prepared to split away in order to join together again in 2012. :-) In this moment you are wondering why we spilt away. As I said to him, some weeks ago “90% of the reasons are from gastronomical incompatibilities”. I’m hearing your laughs :-) I think that if everybody had only gastronomical incompatibilities the world would be happier, right?! But in our case… the Aries tend to be perfectionists and if something doesn’t match the relationship doesn’t hold on for long. Anyway 10 years have already passed, and both are more tolerant, or at least we should be more tolerant. Huumm, making a quick introspection, I think I’m less tolerant than I was 10 years ago, but at least I’ve more wisdom to deal with the misunderstandings/problems.

Make your bets… are we going to join together a 4th time?!

Time – Pink Floyd


Anonymous said...

This new post has really upset me, and I will tell you why. At the beginning of this year I stumbled on to your blog and became enthralled with your posts. You seem to me to be a very interesting, intriguing, and wonderful person. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts although sometimes I feel a bit sad because it seems you are really longing for something special in your life. Maybe I am wrong, but I have that longing too but it seems to me that we are much alike although you don’t know me at all. All I know of you is that you are from Portugal (I was just there in a small town called Guimaraes) but I live in Ohio in the United States. While I hope your rekindled relationship is good for you, I have always secretly hoped that we could meet someday because I am very attracted to your personality (at least the one you portray on the blog). I feel silly for admitting all this now, oh well...


Your Secret Admirer

Single Mind said...

Humm humm,
dreaming man, or should I say "dreaming woman"?!
This last comment smells to woman's touch, and I know who it is. Always the same freaking girl.
Btw, only one girl reads this blog. :) Give up, girl!

Anonymous said...

Single mind,

I can assure you that I am NOT a woman and you most certainly do NOT know who I am. I cannot believe that you would summarily dismiss my message when it took so long to finally post. Frankly, I am a little hurt by it...

Your Secret Admirer

Single Mind said...

Get a life, i.e., get a husband. You really need it.

Anonymous said...

single mind,

This is really unbelievable! I am a man, I live in Ohio. I enjoy theatre, american football, horror movies, fine dining, and romance. I am definately not interested in getting married right now, especially not to another man. I cannot believe that you think I am some girl you know, because I am NOT. Have some faith single mind...


Single Mind said...

Go fuck yourself.
You can continue the parody if you want, many people know who you are. Just continue making them laughing.