Thursday, November 22, 2007

Trick or Treat

Do you like this picture?!

I like the picture and someone told me "It would be nice if such place exists."

Oh well, I've bought the picture, i.e., the puzzle. Now, someone needs to complete it before to move its computer to my desk. The puzzle will be on the top of the desk to protect it. The puzzle only measures 1.21m x 0.8m, it covers the desk on wide but not on length. Aah, but I have already done 3 puzzles for that purpose.

I hope he will complete the task as soon as possible. In fact, it was his Christmas gift - plus a Christmas calendar with chocolates and a Santa Claus Chocolate :). I hope the cat does not hide any piece under the furniture.

Haloween already passed but I've gave chocolates and a big headeach to solve. I really hope he doesn't become crazy with 3000 pieces.

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