Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Seed of Bugs

Part of the mathematical model developed along these years works with the Monte Carlo method. Did you ever eared talking about stochastic?! Don’t worry… me neither until 3 years ago. Basically, I generate (pseudo-) random numbers, which will dictate what decision to take. The code is written in the C language, and I was compelled to initiate the random numbers, using a seed, well… in this case, the seed is the time.

Yesterday I have made some changes in the code. To verify the results I need to run at least 25*4 simulations, each simulation represents a single point in a graph and takes about 15 minutes to run. So I’ve putted in comment about 90% of the code, in this way I should save some time. Indeed, each simulation is completed in the maximum of 2 minutes, but… there is a big, HUGE problem. The random numbers have not a wide and dispersed range and I can not get the results that I should have. I only get a stagnant line (equal to zero). On the contrary, if I run all the code, which implies higher time consumption, I get the results expected.

Someday I could do some optimization in a way to reduce the computational time (well, I doubt it, but just imagine the scenario), but the question is… would I get the same results?! I don’t think so.

Is there any seed that I could use instead the time?!

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