Monday, February 5, 2007

Our life as a fairy tale

A couple of spiders went to the Future store, managed by a old and wise turtle. They have entered in the store and said:
- We are looking for the happiness, the harmony and the joy; we don’t want to have a life of slaves, always fighting for our own web.
The turtle was not surprised with the demand, adjusted the glasses and walked into the direction of the section of the lost objects with its pencil behind the ear. The turtle took its time, since it’s an animal that moves slowly.
After a while, the turtle appears with the glasses on the end of its nose and a couple of wires of many colors on the hand. The turtle gave the wires to the spiders without saying anything, but one of the spiders asked:
- What I’ll do with these colored wires?
And the turtle has explained:
- Your future is something that you need to build with the various colors of life.

The white wire is the main one, the wire of the day-by-day that you need to build each day;
The brown wire is the wire of the dark days, without sunshine, it asks you strength, devotion, determination and tolerance;
The red wire, the blood color, reminds you the fight, the passion, the sacrifice of each day;
The blue wire, the heavens color, is the wire of the serenity, of the horizon line that makes you walk and happy to be together;
The orange wire is the wire of the ability to renew, to face the events, to believe on each day;
The purple wire is the wire of reflection, silence, moments of loneliness and of meditation;
The yellow wire is the wire of all the things that runs in a bad way, the difficulties, the obstacles that you need to assume and wan.
The green wire is the wire of the spring, the new life, the hope and the future.

Take all these wires and try to weave the carpet of your life. It’s the combination of these wires that will bear for you and for all the other spiders at the loft, a different future.
Do not forget that your family to have a different future needs all these wires.

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