Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Carnivorous Plants

Last September I have bought two carnivorous plants. :)

I have not seen any new leaf until the end of February. The Nepenthes mirabilis has been growing with the hot weather, this last weekend a second new leaf becomes mature and brightly opened. The old traps are becoming spoiled. Only one trap remains closed along these months and a new one is growing.

I thought that I will lose the Sarracenia hybrid. The leaves are old and without color at the tips. This morning I have noticed many small and thin leaves growing as if it was grass leaves.

Until this moment, I don’t have flies, mosquitos or other bugs at home. Of course, sometimes I see small bugs on the kitchen window, but after a few hours I don’t see any bug. The plants are positioned near the kitchen window, where it is sunny and hot.
I have paid a little fortune for two minuscule plants, but at least they do their job.


IQ Power said...

Do you know that when those plants start to grow, they often start to smell incredibly BAD!!!
I hope it doesn't happen that one day you arrive home, after a nice warm spring day, and your house smells like if there was a pile of animal corpses under your kitchen table ;)

Single Mind said...

They already smell badly, but you only notice that if you have your nose about a few centimeters from them. The smell is a characteristic of them to attract the insects and it is not compared with your smell description. :) Some of my friends does not notice the smell.