Monday, March 26, 2007

Shopping only a few stuff

A few days ago I went to a shop to buy more threads to continue the cross stitch embroidery. At least, I left home just to buy threads; that was my intention, initially. I have remembered that to buy a new pair of shoes will be a good idea. And I remembered also that usually I do not buy only one but two (in almost everything). After a quick calculation I have entered into the store and, of course I was right, I bought two pairs of shoes.

In fact I don’t like shopping. I hate to enter into dozens of shops to buy nothing at the end. When I really need something, I always go to a specific store just to buy the specific thing. If the first shop doesn’t have what I really want, I visit a second store, after that… I quit.

At my returning path I saw another shop :) and I have entered just by curiosity. Huumm, nice sweatshirts! I have tried some of them and imagine how many I have bought!!! Two of course. I can imagine what will be the thought of a friend of mine if someday he sees me with these low-necked sweatshirts. He even could see my sexy scar between the breasts. Should I wear these sweatshirt to come to work, or not?!

Also, I passed by the nightwear corridor. Humm… nice pajama, oh and nice chemise set. The pajama was red in a japanese style and the chemise was in a purple color, both in satin tissue. The chemise set includes a robe of the same fabric. Yes… I have bought both. Today I was into the shop again to exchange the nightwear. It was to tied on the chest (well… breasts!).

I’m trying to decide if next week I should go to the hairdresser. I have a conference at Zaragoza in three weeks and I’m thinking to have a hair cut. But… I’m undecided… Should I cut or not my hair?!

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Anonymous said...

Hi,Nat.Was You proabably notice i found your blog(yeah,my english aint great to,lol).I wish you a nice trip to nuestros hermanos land,that you chose nice words and thoughts on your simposium and ,finaly,that you can rest of your busy life.Hope nest time i can write you in Camoes language,it will improve quality and quantity of my comments,ok?
Hope find you very soon,kisses from your motor mouse minded friend,Mario.