Thursday, March 1, 2007

Where is the true love?!

A girl and a boy met each other on a journey. They fall in love and after a few months the get married. Along their lives they bought a house, they had two children, often times they have made sacrifices to give everything to their kids but they lived happy.

Every couple has bad and good moments. They need to love each other to surpass all the adversities and difficulties in life. At least, the begging of the relationship is always the most difficult part, where both need to learn about their moods, tolerances and minds. So, it’s reasonable to think that one knows better and better its partner along the years. At the end of their lives they will live happy together, without to be concerned with their children mature and adult, right?!

One day, the children (adults) figure out that their parents remain together along all these years just because they have children to rise. After all these years they conclude that it’s worthless to continue their lives together.

And the children feel as if the sky falls down on their heads. Until then they have always imagined that their parents were the perfect couple.

Now, I make a question and I hope someone gets the answer:

Why to get married?! For what I can see, marriage is like a theater. At the end the curtain comes down and the show is finished. I hate lies, I hate deceits, I hate to pretend, I suppose that I hate everybody.

Nobody in this world is trustworthy. Everybody pretends to be someone else and doesn’t show what they have inside their hearts. Everybody thinks with the brain (or with some other part of the body) and forgot the most precious thing they have: the true, the love, the compassion, qualities that are all of them inside their hearts. Everybody forgets the meaning of true love.

Another question:

If nobody is trustworthy in our lives, why to continue living?! Just to work every day, earn money, buy a car, a house, travel around the world, get older and die?!

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