Monday, June 11, 2007

Mummify Myself

Today I have decided to call my mother using VoipBuster. And why not to call my father?! I brought from home the Plantronics headphones bought at USA. The headphones have 3 meters of cable, in that way I could walk in my room freely while talking with friends. I thought that 3 meters of cable will not be so much.

Today, here I am using again these headphones. Some more extra meters of cable and I could turn myself into a mummy. Unfortunately, the length is not enough for walking into my living room. It has only 7 meters of length and 5 meters wide. The vacuum cleaner has only 10 meters of cable, I can not reach the entire house (with the vacuum cleaner plugged in the middle of the house) approximately by one meter.

By the way, the headphones have a better sound than the earphones… or should I say earphone, because only the left one is working.

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