Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thinking Twice

My mother has taught me to cook, since my earlier years. She always used bouillons when cooking some food. And it’s great.

One day, I was cooking for friends, and one of them saw that I’ve putted a bouillon in the pan, her comment was hilarious:

- Only bad cookers use bouillons. I prefer natural food. – And she has not eaten anything at lunch.

She has tried to teach me to cook without it, but… to be honest… the food taste was not the same. She prefers to use spices rather to use bouillons, however not all spices can be eaten by everybody.

The funny story is that if someone does something in a different way than we do, this means that we are not good or not capable to do better than them. If we look for the big picture, this happens everywhere at all the time. Why people can not admit that there are several ways to do something and why people does not recognize that their ways are not always the best?!

Just think about it… how many times you point the finger to someone without thinking twice?!

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Rui Seabra said...

Bouillons are a tremendously bad habit our mother's generation had.

It's bad for your health, and today there are plenty spices and sauces for one to choose (you can't eat some? no problem, there's thousands of them).

Avoid bouillon like the plague!