Saturday, February 9, 2008

Finally... The End!

Remember this pearl? Finally, she's gone.

Unfortunately she was smart enough to delete all the data in the computer, but not so smart on thinking that we could not recover the most part of the data. Anyway... Like my advisor has asked: "Do you think you will recover something useful?" Humm, I could not answer that, I always have a little faith on people, believing that perhaps I can be wrong. So I did not said what I really have thought: "No, since she was here doing nothing these last 3 years."

We have exchanged a few words Monday afternoon. She was thankful for my help, bla bla bla... She was trying to be nice (and wise) but I did not play her game. I was very cold and self-assertive. I touched all the points she messed me along these years without a smile. Of course she felt uncomfortable and tried to thank me again and again. She asked what I'll do after the PhD. My answer was very clear... Perhaps a post-doc, but I will only stay in Portugal if they pay me much more than they paid you. What you earn is not enough for me, comparing the knowledge that we each possess. She has shut up with the thanks and said goodbye. Because I’m very polite, I whished her a nice trip.

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