Saturday, February 23, 2008


This week I’ve found in the Internet an article which describes some of my impotence on changing some facts in my life. You can read it here.

I was raised by my parents. Both have always underlined the fact of being a good housewife. I must have time to cook, to clean (ya… to iron too, blarg), etc, as other women. We can not forget that I work all day (besides the housewife job) and usually I bring extra work that must be done at home. But the problem is the time… time is never enough to do everything.

I already have tried to do a strike for a help on the regular home tasks. But… I can not count with the neighbors; it must be me to do the entire job. I already have requested help to my guy on the weekends. Some few times my request was completely neglected and he says “you need to relax.” Of course… the next hours were passed in bed doing something again and again which makes me falling asleep until 4 p.m. When my mum calls, she’s astonished because I’ve not made lunch and I still sleeping. Oh mum… it’s so hard to explain!

Other times he says “I’ve brougth to much work!” and here I go doing everything alone. But he forgot that I also had brought work. Last weekend he was the most helpful guy. When he wants he is very helpful. Unfortunately I think this is one situation on one thousand.

I’m not complaining… I was raised to be a housewife but… I do not have time for everything. And like me there are thousand of women. If men want their wives smiley with a good mood and time to be in bed, they must help them on everything they can. Do not get surprised if she rejects you or she’s always with a headache.

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ceci said...

heheheh........Those kinds of things MUST be done for both of you. In the past it was a women job because they didn't work all the day, so all the housekeeping was left to women. Nowadays, men and women work. Both are busy and tired so both should split undone stuff!! ;)