Friday, January 26, 2007

Wolf Credo by Del Goetz


- Respect the elders
- Teach the young
- Cooperate with the pack
- Play when you can
- Hunt when you must
- Rest in between
- Share you affections
- Voice your feelings
- Leave your mark.


- Take care of the young for they are our future
- Never question your existence
- Keep your wild spirit
- Be sociable
- Live life like play
- Love your freedom
- Live for the hunt, hunt to live
- Move swiftly... Leave only tracks


Wolf said...

How do I get permission to use the Wolf Credo on my website It reflects how I work within a team and within family.

Wolf Bucher

Single Mind said...

You can add the copyright line after your quote:

Copyright July 17, 1988 by Del Goetz

In this way, it would be totally legal.

If you intend to reproduce it, to sell a book, magazine or other printed paper with the aim of getting some profite, in this case it would be ilegal.

Anonymous said...

I buy your book in Starbucks and I keep it for my grand kids, it is a big lesson of life, thank you .

Hector Manuel Vazquez