Saturday, February 10, 2007

The wonderlan

A few days ago, I was talking with someone that said:

- If I choose to live in the dream land, probably I will get a new white jacket, a new house with white walls…

Everyone has dreams. Some dreams come true on our life, and other doesn’t. If we try harder, we always get our dreams come true, so… the other ones I think they just are utopias, right?!

Do I live in a dream land?! Yes, I do. And I have not got any special jacket, until now. I see my house as the wonderland, and I am one of the characters. Usually who is at my side or is at my wonderland, never forgets that once it was there.

Everything must be perfect for the people that surround me. At home or at work nobody says bad things about the magic character (me). Usually I try to be perfect in everything I do, in every action, in every moment, every thought, etc. Of course, I’m not perfect; I know better than nobody which are my failures.
Someone said:

- I would like to have everything good in my life just using a magic wand. A simple example is to do all my work in seconds. But after we get used and bored without to know what to do with the extra time that we get.

Well, my friend, for the people that surrounds me everything appears as if it was the touch of a magic wand, and I never have enough time to continue doing the dreams come true of such people. So… I never get extra time and then I never get bored.

Why do you not try to do as me, try to make everyday and every moment of your life a special one to the people that surrounds you. You will find that you really have a kingdom, you rule this kingdom and you are one of the characters of the story, built day by day.

When you get older you will see that your life was a beautiful story lived on the wonderland.

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