Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Food Supplements

Talking again about Lecithin and MSM… I deduce that you are curious.

Soy Lecithin helps on keeping a good memory. In my case it is sustaining me. Believe me or not, I do not have holydays and a good mental rest since 4 years ago. Perhaps I will have time for holidays when I’ll finish my PhD thesis.

I have found MSM when I was at US. I have bought for my hair. Usually it falls all over the year. It is so thin that I can not have a long hair. My hair continues falling more or less, but my knees joins does not hurt since I take MSM.

I have knees of a 50 years old woman, or perhaps older than that. When I was young I’d practice weightlifting and of course… my knees do not liked. My weight was about 70 kg and my knees could not support such weight. Since I take MSM, I have the same weight and I do not have pains on my knees.

They hurt if I surpass the 72 kg either if there is humidity in the air. This year we had a raining winter at Portugal, but I have not noticed any pain. :)

Every morning I take 1 capsule of 1200mg of Lecithin and 1 tablet of 1000mg of MSM. Oh, you want to know the URL of the e-shop, don’t you?! Ok, you could have asked earlier! Here it is: http://www.healthydirect.co.uk.

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