Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Birthday [Re-edited]

I have remembered that today it is the birthday of a very old friend. I do not see the guy since 1998. After some research on the internet, a couple of phone calls, I’ve got his personal phone number. I’ve sent the happy birthday by sms.

I think he will be surprised :p

Happy birthday JP.
No one is so young than you; at least you were younger than I on life living, even being 8 years older than me. Congratulations.

Kisses and take care.


He never thought that I could remember him. I told him "Every year I remember your birthday, but today I have decided to compliment you."
A phone call of 35 minutes talking about philosophical issues, as always. He stills the same guy.
Oops... he das done 40... I was pretty sure it was only 39.

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